The Silence Of The Gods

Chapter 1-2 Into the Flame (or how our heroes left one bad situation for another)

Upon leaving the portal from the Vanguard of the Veil Outpost, Urmazingquaaw, carrying a resisting Red, step out the portal and stare at the city of Stormreach. Immediately, the wall behind them is struck by a cannonball and the portal loses cohesion, trapping Tordick and Ginger (absent) in the feywild. Tordick and Ginger may have the better deal, for the city is ablaze and under seige. Adventuring through the city, the adventurers come across roaving bands of pirates pillaging and rounding up civilians. The adventurers learn that when the pirate armada sailed into the city, the city’s gun batteries never fired once, and they sailed unharmed directly into harbour.

The adventurers venture down towards the harbour and see a grand pyre built, with pirates and roped civilians nearby. On a crude platform in fron of the pyre is a warforged, tied and bound for the fire. Red, after failing to sneak towards the platform, challenges the toughest pirate to a duel, claiming to be a pirate queen of grand repute, and slaughters him viciously. The pirates all lay down their arms and Uriszingquaaw, Red, and the warforged Arlo take them captive and lead them towards the market square, where the grand pyre is burning. Tordick comes barreling down the hill. as Aerrous had managed to stabilize the portal enough to allow another person through.

As they enter the market square, they come across a hopeless scene. 130 pirates, with nearly 150 civilians held hostage, occupy the center of the square, while 90 guards faced off in line on the north end of the marketplace. A half-elf pirate captain with striking white hair negotiates with the captain of the guard, and the scene is tense. Our adventurers are at an absolute loss at how to help this situation.



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