The Silence Of The Gods

Chapter 1-6 Lassite Larceny (or how our heroes attended a lavish party and managed not to screw it up)

In the final battle in the Blood Ring, our heroes were split, facing off in two separated halves of the ring. Tordik Frostbeard, Arlo, and Red faced off against the infamous Twins while Urmazingquaaw and Ginger (absent) faced off against elite members of the Silver Fist Gang.

The Twins, of fair eladrin beauty and agility, proved to be incredible warriors. The male eladrin, with rapier in hand, skewered without mercy, and the female eladrin used her mental magic to twist the adventurers minds into either a euphoric state of bliss or to shatter the minds and drain them of all intelligence. In a close battle, the male was slain and Tordick fell only to have a healing potion administered by Red save him from the brink. In a shocking move, the Female eladrin fey stepped out of the arena, enciting racoucious boos from the audience and shocked faces from the judges. On the other side of the ring, the fight fared much better. Ginger (19 roll) expertly shot at the bandits while avoiding their swords. The bandits (14 roll) tried to hold their own, but Uriszingquaaw (Crit success) bathed the arena in the blood of the bandits, hunting down the terrified, fleeing prey with no mercy.

With the great success of the battle, Varen Lassite, who Red managed to meet in a tavern and sit next to for the first 2 blood ring combats, offers the heroes a place of honour at his grand gala in a few days. The heroes gladly accept. Upon entering the gala, they must search for information about the expedition and expeditioner to return to Paolo Omaren. Paolo expressed firmly that the less evidence that is left behind, the better, as the last thing the Omarens want is a battle with the Lassites.

Arlo, managing to swoon a fair maiden at the party, learns of the expeditioner’s long stay in the manor, and then explores the lower level of the manor house. He discovers a map outlaying the route of the expedition, then finds a giant tome in the library that positively reeks of magic and power. Arlo, deciding that the book would attact too much attention to sneak out of the house, leaves it be. He then searches the gardens, to no avail. Red is instantly snatched up in the embrace of Varen Lassite to show off to his other guests. One of the guests mentions the expeditioner’s planned discussion on his travels into the inner continent, but may be unable due to his deteriorating health. He is currently bed-ridden and is unable to accept visitors. Tordick, deciding that parties are not his thing, immediately heads to the balconey overlooking Stormreach and begins mapping the area. Sensing someone over his shoulder, he looks up to see Rayan Lazarus, who, after a brief exchange on the finer points of cartography, introduces himself as the cartographer from the expedition, sent to map the area of the inner continent. Rayan agrees to show Tordick his work upstairs, and, after a lengthy description of infinitesimal details of the topography of inner Xen’drik, Tordick asks to see the rest of the research, to which Rayan agrees (successful check). Red manages to sneak into an adjoining bedroom and, after Tordick convinces Rayan to leave, sneaks through the second story windows into the bedroom of the expeditioner, Pagaern d’Argonia .

Pagaern is incredibly unwell. He is feverish to the touch, unconscious, and rolls violently in bed. Red manages to copy the important parts of the notes in detail and leaves the originals. She does discover that in the final ruins surveyed by the team, Pagaern finds a relic from the giants civilization that struck him as very important, so he took it with him. He mentions that his health began deteriorating after that. Red opens the chest, wraps the relic in a cloth, and leaves the room with it. Finding Varen downstairs, Red creates the illusion of a bandits with a large bag climbing out the window and running for the woods. Varen, falling for the deception and believing his house was just robbed, ends the party and the adventurers return to Paolo.



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