An elderly elven wizard with immense powers


… Aerrous’ immense, incalculable age is only matched by his immense, incalculable power. In times of extreme danger, his eyes glow with a fierce white light.


- Pulling an existing portal through the wall of the jail cell, Aerrous saved the heroes from the Cataclysm of Cyre.
- Aerrous nearly killed Ginger when Ginger started rummaging through an unconcious Aerrous’ pockets for something to aid them fighting the pixies
- Sent the heroes to Mithrendain to obtain a means to reactivate a portal in the Vanguard of the Veil Outpost from Vyndra Sysvani
- At the request of the heroes, he used the Syberis dragonshard to reactivate the portal to Stormsreach, on Xen’drik


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