Pagaern d’Argonia

Famed Expeditioner and Scholar of the Giants Civilization


An elderly man of slightly stooping stature, Pagaern d’Argonia shows through his old body a long life of expeditions into treacherous lands. He is one of the world’s top experts on the ancient Giant’s civilization, having spent much of his life studying and foraying into crumbling ruins on Xen’drik. His knowledge is almost beyond comparison.


Pagaern d’Argonia has spent the majority of his life researching the ancient Giant’s civilization, and returned to Lassite Manor in order to divulge his knowledge in a grand symposium on the culture and technology of the Giant’s Civilization. However, he has been incredibly sick with an unknown illness since returning from his last expedition into ancient Giant ruins. No doctor or magic-user can decipher what is afflicting poor Pagaern.

Pagaern d’Argonia

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