The Silence Of The Gods

Prequel Chapter - How to survive the death of a kingdom
Introduction to the world

“The year is 1004, and the continent of Khorvaire still bares the scars of the Final War. The proud kingdom of Cyre, once a shining beacon of culture and prosperity, has been no more for nearly 10 years. At the peak of the Final War between the 5 nations of Khorvaire on Cyre’s soil, an unexplained cataclysm ravaged the land and destroyed everything within the borders of Cyre. This is now a land of terror: warped monsters roam the mist-covered country, no natural healing takes place, the dead do not decompose and frequently rejoin the battle that has long since ended. This is the Mournlands: a mist shrouded legacy of the collective faults of a continent.

Flashback 10 years, and you find yourself in Metrol, the capital city of Cyre. It is a stunning metropolis of artists and guilds, with opulent porcelain-white towers and verdant gardens baring the marks of the continuous warfare in the countryside. You must explain why you are in Metrol, and what would warrant you being thrown in jail on the day of the Cataclysm of Cyre."


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