Vanguard of the Veil Outpost

Translating the Sylvan written above the 11 alcoves in the central tower, the heroes discover that each is a portal to a different realm. Only five have the integrity to be reactivated, and using their only Siberys Dragondshard, the heroes decided to active the portal leading to Stormreach, on Xen’drik.
Chapter 1-1 Fleeing to the Feywild (or how our heroes managed not to die in the apocalypse)


The derelict base of an organization not seen in many an age. The Vanguard used this base as a hub for their dimensional meddling and espionage, though it’s time has long since passed. Most of the portals are in ruins, and those that are still structurally sound lack the power with which to teleport anything. It would take the work of a small army in order to refurbish the outpost back up to snuff.

There is a sizeable library, mess hall, quarters, and armory in the outpost, though the usefulness of these are yet to be seen. Most of the books seem intact, and the fireplace still functions, but most of the weapons are long past their prime and the beds are mostly comprised of rotted hay and the corpses of mice.

The outpost is surrounded on 3 sides by the woods of the Feywild in a narrow canyon and by a medium sized lake on the fourth. The lake flows into a river, so other cities may be accessable by boat, if there were an available boat. The nearest inhabited place, Mithrendain, is a 3 days march through some of the thickest and treacherous underbrush imaginable.

The Portals in the tower, in clockwise order, lead to:
Metrol, in Cyre (destroyed)
Flamekeep, in Thrane (Damaged)
Fairhaven, in Aundair (Damaged)
Korth, in Karnath (Inactive)
Shae Cairdal, on Aerenal (Inactive)
Gloomwrought, in the Shadowfell (Damaged)
Shadespawn, in the Khyber (Damaged)
Durat Tall, on Sarlona (Damaged)
Stormreach, on Xen’drik (ACTIVATED)
Wyrmaw,on Argonessen (Inactive)
Sharn, in Breland (Inactive)

Vanguard of the Veil Outpost

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