The Silence Of The Gods

Chapter 1-7 Thickening the Plot (or how our heroes befriended a unicorn)

Returning to Paolo with the copied notes of the expeditioner, Pagaern d’Argonia, a couple days respite was awarded to our heroes, Tordik Frostbeard, Arlo, and Red. Being summoned back, our heroes discover the Forge Heart abuzz with activity. Tables littered with tomes and maps were laid out everywhere, and Paolo Omaren motioned for the heroes to approach.

After analyzing the details gleaned from the notes of Pagaern d’Argonia, the Omarens concluded that the fourth and final giants ruin surveyed holds much left to be discovered, and much of that could be essential for the Omarens’ activities in Stormreach. Paolo urges the heroes to march for the final ruins post haste and discover what they can. She outfits the heroes with all supplies necessary, accompanied by a small team of donkeys, and tells them that a small survey team has been dispatched ahead of them and will meet them at the ruins.

Marching along the chosen route towards the ruin, the heroes venture towards Titan’s Teeth, a large mountain cluster that bars the way into the inner continent from the peninsula that Stormreach rests upon. As they pass by, an arrow fired from an unseen assailant pierces a nearby tree, and the arrow contains a note asking for an audience with the heroes and guaranteeing their safety. When they arrive at the location, Arenora greets them. Using her powers, she uses the reflection pool in her cave to show a unicorn held captive by a band of drow, who plan on sacrificing this beast of pure good for nefarious purposes. If the heroes agree to prevent this catastrophe, Arenora has pertinent information to share with them. The heroes, seeing no reason not to, accept.

After venturing to the Obsidian City, the heroes discover an ancient site under a derelict temple with Drow inside. The drow put up a fight, but it is the traps that prove the most damaging to the heroes. Arlo is slammed into a wall by a swinging log trap, and Arlo also is nearly crushed when he opens a door and an avalanche of rocks pour out. Tordick, with his stone knowledge, realizes the location of floor traps and manages to help the heroes avoid an ankle-breaking injury.

Upon entering the final room, the heroes discover a stone platform floating in a 60-foot wide abyss with 7 floating stones acting as a bridge to the platform. On the platform there is a tall Obsidian Obelisk that glows green (exactly the same material and coloring as the artifact Red recovered from Pagaern), a drow priestess, and a unicorn with a vicious looking sigil on it’s head. Four drow occupy the stone bridge. The heroes charge across the land bridge, and, after an arrow strikes the priestess in the shoulder, the rocks start revolving around the platform.

Arlo (crit success) tosses one drow into the abyss, and Tordik spends almost 5 rounds of combat trying unsuccessfully to do the same. In the end, he resorts to his waraxe to finish the job. Arlo jumps onto the central platform and begins to make life hard for the priestess. Red attempts the same, trips, and nearly falls into the abyss, barely holding on to the stone she is on. On her second attempt, she falls short, falling into the abyss but JUST manages to hang on to the rough rocky spire jutting from under the platform. As the priestess takes damage, the revolving stones start plummeting one by one into the abyss. Tordik’s stone falls, but he just manages to jump and hold onto the platform by a hand. With the priestess distracted, the ritual begins to lose potency, and, just as the sigil subduing the unicorn fizzles, Arlo knocks the priestess off the platform and into the abyss. He then uses a rope to pull the dangling Red safely onto the platform.

The unicorn’s senses are undeniable in it’s veracity, and as it continues to nuzzle at Red’s bag and looks pointedly at both Arlo, Tordik, and the spire, Red finally gives in and removes her artifact from her satchel. The unicorn telepathically explains that the two are part of the same feature, and, when Red inserts the artifact into the spire, the artifact drains all energy from the spire. As the platform begins to shudder and sink into the abyss, the unicorn creates a magical shimmering rainbow bridge back across to sturdy land and the heroes exit the underground.

Upon returning to Arenora, she and the unicorn share a warm embrace. With the success of the mission, Arenora once again uses her powers on the reflecting pool to show dark premonitions. She reaveals, though she doesn’t know which these refer to, that: 1. One Stormlord is an agent of the dreaming dark, the Dal Quori 2. another stormlord is an ancient Rakshasa sent by the demons of Khyber to watch over Stormreach, learning all that could be advantageous, and 3. another Stormlord is a high occultist in the Blood Of Vol, and seeks to resurrect the powers of the Death Dragonmark.



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