The Silence Of The Gods

Chapter 1-9.5 Tropical Paradise (or how our heroes met a fishy end and ended something fishy)

Mini-game instead of normal game due to lack of players and 1 guest player

After finding themselves on the island in the middle of ocean, the heroes set up a camp on the beach to await rescue. In the middle of the first night, Urmazingquaaw and Tordik Frostbeard awaken to see that Arlo and Red are gone, and there are signs of struggle all around the campsite, including odd 4-toed footprints with claw marks. Urma and Tordik race in the night following the tracks into the woods.

Along the way, they come across a number of bodies, all dressed in sailor garb, and also with patches of fish scaly skin, barnacles coming out of their skin, and glassed over eyes. Just off the path, they find one body that is completely un-fishified, and it awakens with a start. It is Potler, a half-orc monk smuggler who was part of the crew of a ship. The ship was attacked by Saughuin, and, too damaged to continue sailing, made headway for the nearest island to await rescue. Crew members started disappearing in the night, and the crew sent a party to discover what happened. They were attacked, and Potler was knocked unconscious in the struggle. He is unsure of how many of his crew survive. The heroes continue to follow the tracks, and it leads to the base of a small jagged mountian and the mouth of a cave. The cave is pitch-black, and a muddy trail leads down into the salt-water scented cave. Odd, considering that the ocean is an hours march away from this cave.

Descending into the cave, the moonlight barely lights the tunnels. Tordik and Potler have no issue as they have dark vision, but Urma begins to have difficulty. Squabbling amongst themselves about who goes first, Urma tosses Tordik (crit strength check) into the cavern, and he looks up directly into the eyes of 4 Kuo-Toa. 1 traps Tordik in a net and the other 3 engage the other heroes. In the fight, 2 Kuo-Toa are slain, and 1 of them flees further into the caves. Tordik and Potler give chase and fell the creature just before it makes it to the next cavern. Urma is left behind to fight off the final creature in the first cavern. Potler stealths to try and check out the next cavern, which is lit, and sees 2 Kuo-Toa and one giant Kuo-Toa, along with 5 caverns on the far side. 4 caverns are blocked off with wood and seaweed lashings to imprison people behind them. Tordik stupidly and obliviously walks straight down into the cavern and the Kuo-Toa charge at him.

Urma is still fighting the last Kuo-Toa in the previous chamber, and, after felling him, makes great haste down the tunnel after his friends. The giant Kuo-Toa uses a giant pincer staff to ensnare Tordik and keep him out of striking distance. Potler’s flying fists knock enemies to the ground, but the hard spears, sharp bites, and the fact that Tordik gave no respite between combats AND that it took 2 turns for Urma to get into the room causes Urma and Potler to fall and make death saving throws by the end. Tordik, with deft actions to free himself from the pincer staff and his ability to hit many foes at once, manages to scrape by and take out the Kuo-Toa. Luckily, Tordik can heal wounds, and the heroes survive the encounter.

They inspect the 4 cages, and finding a still-breathing Red in one of them. Reith, the navigator from Potler’s ship, is still alive and well in another cage. 1 other cage contains fishified bodies, and the last one is empty. Red and Reith tell the heroes that the last cage contained Arlo before he was brought down further into the caves. The heroes take a short rest to recover, then follow after their friend.

The last cavern is dimly lit by blue iridescent lights shining out of 4 pools of water. A salt-water waterfall pours into one of the pools, and a roughly crafted stone dais rests near the far wall. 2 Kuo-Toa are fanatically worshiping at the dais, and on it, piles of looted items rest. Arlo is waist deep in one of the piles, and a wretched Sea Hag is stroking his face; her newest trophy in her collection. The heroes are spotted, and the hag attacks.

Her visage is so grotesque that the heroes are disturbed. Some look away, but Potler succeeds against the ugly unphased. The battle commences. Urma becomes overcome by the hideousness, and barely avoids the death glare from the Sea Hag. Potler uses his flurry of blows to knock the Sea Hag off of her feet and off of the back end of the dais. The hag begins to use the magic lights in the pools to cause giant torrents of water to batter heroes, blasting Red into one of the pools of water. Urma, very creatively, uses his Create or Destroy Water spell to destroy a 20-ft cube of water around the last seen location of the underwater Sea Hag, which reveals her location a split second before the water crashes back in, expelling the hag from the water. Tordik begins landing heavy blows, and, with the Sea Hag’s final breath, she causes the waterfall to blow, causing the cavern to rapidly fill. Red manages to steal a stoppered urn of liquid, and Tordik grabs Arlo. They all wade out of the rapidly filling cavern before it fills.

Returning to the camp, the heroes wait 2 more uneventful nights before they are rescued. Potler and Reith return to Stormreach with the heroes, and Potler and Reith leave the group to discover their new lives together.



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