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Welcome to the Silence of the Gods Wiki!

To understand the setting of the campaign, read the
Eberron Wiki.

Or, more specifically:
Blood of Vol, Church of the Silver Flame, Dark Six, Giants, Khorvaire, Planes of Eberron, Quori, Rakshasa, Sovereign Host, Stormreach, & Xen’drik.

Story Elements:

Player Characters:
Arlo, Ginger, Red, Tordik Frostbeard, Urmazingquaaw

Story Characters:
Aerrous, Arenora, Pagaern d’Argonia, Paolo Omaren, Varen Lassite,

Important Items:
Giant’s Artifact, Monodrone Medallion, Obsidian Obelisk

Places of Interest:
Vanguard of the Veil Outpost, Forge Heart, Final Giant’s Ruin

Main Page

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